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Cory Doctorow: What Kind of Bubble is AI?

It’s a bubble, that’s for sure.

The Teletext Archive

A searchable database of teletext pages recovered from domestic videotape

Tech Independence

Tech independence is not depending on any particular company or software.

Linear feeds are a dark pattern

I like alternative, community-owned, social media. They have the potential to be much less user-hostile, and can be more mindful of the well-being of their users. Yet, pretty much all of them still copy one of the worst features of corporate social media – the linear feed. Let me explain.

The Old Computer Challenge

For some time I wanted to start a personal challenge, after some thoughts I want to share it with you and offer you to join me in this journey.

The point of the challenge is to replace your daily computer by a very old computer and share your feelings for the week.

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